How to Overcome Stress Once and for All Part 1

Stress is a major thing in everyone’s life as it is one of the top problems in this crowded life. Cause let’s be honest with ourselves, stress will always be there unless we first acknowledge it is there.

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There are many ways of dealing with stress, but here I will focus on the most important effective techniques out there. Of course, the others are of the same importance as these three ones are. The most valuable thing is to go step by step, try every approach, and see which will suit you very well. So let’s start:


Types of Stress Coping Techniques:

1- Acknowledge that there is a problem.

2- Journaling your thoughts.

3- Breathing Techniques.

Acknowledge That There Is A Problem

Being aware is one of the most important things we always don’t give attention to. Cause you want to go to a doctor unless you are feeling pain. By feeling pain here, you are starting to acknowledge the problem here. The second step is going to the doctor. So always be aware. And as it is being said. Knowledge is not free, you have to pay attention.

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Journaling Your Thoughts

Journaling your thoughts can make you feel less overwhelmed, that is because we are from energy and energy emits back from us. If we keep this energy on lockdown, it will fight back to gain freedom, and that creates a conflict inside of us and creates diseases in our bodies. Well, this is one of the common ways your body speaks to you. Once you write your emotions down, everything will be smooth and energy will flow back and forth, leaving no stress. But here is a hint: you can apply this technique to many disorders like anxiety and others. So next time you feel stressed, let it be known to yourself that there is a message heading your way.


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Breathing Techniques

As we spoke before, we are energy. The most important thing to understand the Energy, inside, outside, and around you, is simply to listen to it. And that is done by breathing. Breathing can make you feel you’re calm and in control. And that‘s done by breathing through your nose with 3 seconds inhaling and 8 seconds exhaling and double the amount entered into your body throughout your stomach.

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Well, there are other techniques that I will go into in more depth in the next articles. But to keep it short and clear, these are the top 3 techniques.

Stress will always be one of the most challenging things for most people who have anxiety and others in ordinary life. But let’s keep it clear on two points; Have Hope and don’t be ashamed of asking for help. After all, you will always be a hero.

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In the next articles, we will go in-depth into more interesting topics and more techniques for coping with different psychological and mental disorders. So put your belts on and let’s dive. See you soon my warrior friends.


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