How to Overcome Stress Once and for All Part 2

Stress is a major thing in our daily lives as we spoke before. Scientists keep researching to discover techniques for overcoming it. The creativity of any solution depends on the mindset and the urgent needs of any individual. If you dedicate your time to reading all the articles, you will reach the point of understanding how to invent your ways. I mean, the ways to eliminate stress.


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Here in this article, we will dive more into different techniques of handling stress. So let’s start:

Types of Stress Coping Techniques:

1- Focusing on the Surroundings.

2- Listening to Music.

3- Doing Exercises.


Focusing on the Surroundings

As It appears on the technique name, you should use your eyes in handling your mental health issues. There are two types of exercise: exercises while closing your eyes and exercises while opening them. But here we will speak about opening your eyes. Keep them open and focus on different details of anything around you. Keep attention to the color of the trees, their branches; how they fall on the ground, and how they dance with the wind. Give all your focus on; how people walk in the street, how they behave, how they change their facial reactions, and how fast is their speech with their body language. By doing that, you are distracting yourself from stress.

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Listening to Music

Scientists in the last decades have discovered the benefits of listening to music in dealing with different psychological disorders. They even invented new music only for this kind of treatment. The beats, the vibes, the feelings, the imagination, the wisdom, the lessons, and the sound of a favorite song will always be a way out of any suffering.


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Doing Exercises

Hormones secreted during daily workouts help in the regulation of your stress issues. Doing your workout produces indeed lots of hormones. One of them is secreting endorphins that in return relieve stress. Researches show lots of benefits to doing exercises, including the distraction of thoughts. Doing that lets you focus on the type of exercise you are doing rather than the thinking or stress.


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Stress may be one of the most critical issue we should give attention to. That is because we all deserve a life without stress. And that’s not all. Be alert and let’s dive into the next article together. See you there my warrior friends.

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