How to Overcome Stress Once and for All Part 3

As we know before in these two articles,





Stress is a critical issue we should all pay attention to overcoming it. So, let’s dive into its overcoming techniques:

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Types of Stress Coping Techniques:


1.  Let it Go Mindset

2.  Emotions and Behaviors

3.  Doing Mental Exercises



Let it Go Mindset

Sometimes it is all related to how hard we grasp things. So having the mindset of letting go will indeed help you a lot. There are lots of techniques for letting go, but it deserves more than one article to dive into its details.

The first one imagines that there is a cloud inside your head, and you just scroll away from it like scrolling on something you don’t like on your phone. We will dig into other ones in the next articles.

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Emotions and Behaviors

Scientists did lots of experiments on this topic to discover that behavior enhanced with powerful emotions tends to live longer than that of no emotions at all. So next time you want to adopt a new habit, think about attaching it to a powerful emotion. This works well with stress as well.


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Doing Mental Exercises

Your brain has muscles like your body as well. And any muscles that don’t train daily will diminish and collapse. Well, there are lots of mental exercises out there. One of them is to put a large dot on any wall and focus on it without distracting away from it. The thing here is to create a long-lasting focus that lets you neglect stress by default.

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Stress is like many issues that you can handle if you give it your full time and attention. So next time, just arrange your priorities and take your time to do the above techniques. See you in the next article, my warrior friends.

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