The Top Fifth Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

With high stress comes a greater mentality. Stress makes you a new human.

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As we mentioned before in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

You can check them here:





Also, we dived deep into the first four techniques in each specific article. And this article will be about the fifth technique which is listening to music. You can check the first four techniques articles here:

Listening To Music

1. Noise

2. Imagination

3. Feeling

4. Magnifying The Impact


You have heard it right yet wrong sometimes. What if you add the word “music” to the word “Noise” so it becomes noise music? The latter is a healing technique for overcoming lots of mental issues, such as stress or anxiety.

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Our brains, by nature, examine and monitor any sign of danger, including any loud or frequent noise. Yet acknowledging that it is okay to be annoyed and relax, to know that our sufferings are numbered and not infinite lets us enjoy the process of our sufferings. But that does not mean to not stand up for yourself and act immediately, of course. To know that life is nothing but music or a dancing song, we should dance to. Hey, pause now! And enjoy the moment and feel it with all your guts.

You should investigate further each type of noise music and see which helps you the best.


It is indeed what differentiates another human being from his brother/sister. The most important gift that keeps disappearing till we reach our graveyard, without us knowing, at least for some of us.

You imagine then you live, and when you live, you are not dead. And when you are not dead, you can imagine again. For our joy lies in our imagination. It is what brings freedom from everything, even from stress. The thought that everything will be good one day or not this one day, but today.

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There are many forms of exercises to do it. The most common one is meditation. You can also do guided meditation which helps you imagine yourself in a beautiful scene.


Once a wise man said that if you have few feelings, you are half-human. If you have only one feeling, then you are coming close to death. And if you are feeling nothing, then you are dead. For how do we know we are alive except that we feel our body and our five senses?

Feel the air, the sound, the smell, the touch, and the taste while enjoying your music. Open your eyes and feel the magnificent and marvelous treasures of life transmitted back to your senses.

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You can learn tango dancing art to enhance your feelings further. Meditation also plays a role in feelings and so does every art that speaks to your body.

Magnifying The Impact

We are not created to merely live but to enjoy and go beyond enjoyment itself. We are meant for something greater. We are meant to be gods in ourselves. And by saying gods here, I mean that we can control ourselves and behave in the way a god behaves, which is respect and other things. The only way to do that is to learn how to magnify our senses, to be as it is said above the normality.

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Listening to music is the major thing to enhance your soul's feelings. As the beats of any music, speak to both body and soul.

Lots of ways are being created to do so. Three of them are closing your eyes, massaging, and doing mental exercises. Which I will explain further in future articles.


Stress will always be a double-faced coin. The good news here is that you are in control of which side you will flip it on and which lessons you will learn from each side.

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As we discussed in the previous article, to enhance it further, you should also do it while disconnecting each part of your senses on each set of the same exercise, like closing your eyes and observing with your ears. Until the next article, be safe, my fellow warrior friends.


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