The Top Fourth Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

With high stress comes greater responsibility. Stress makes you a new man. And know this, if struggle chooses you, it did not miss by any chance.

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As we mentioned before in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

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Also, we dived deep into the first three techniques in each specific article. And this article will be about the fourth technique which is focusing on surroundings. You can check the first three techniques articles here:

Focus on the surroundings.

1. Observe

2. Feel

3. Accept everything to you

4. Read everything you see

5. Memorize


Observing is one of the top gifts we have as humans. To do it means to exist. Observe Comes in many forms. We have talked about it before, yes; you have guessed it right, Journaling. Well, you can do observing with many techniques and many forms.

It is the art of recognizing the gifts and the surroundings subjectively without your interference or judgment. You can do it in different life aspects, fields, and senses. Likely you may observe the color of the tree, its smell, its taste, its sound, and how you feel when you touch it. It is the science of feeling your body from outside in.

It is the only way to embrace the power of now. The question here is how to do it. To answer this question, we should understand how our minds work.

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I am not going to go deep into that in this article to keep it simple. But from a smooth view, our minds are programmed to think. And the first way to observe is to think. You may go for a walk and just keep looking at anything and think of nothing itself. The second way is through meditation. We know that meditation is to focus on one thing, maybe something, or maybe nothing, but once you choose, either. You should only focus on it. Yet the exercise here is to let your mind go back and forth thinking about many things without interrupting it or stopping it. In other ways, imagine these thoughts like clouds. You can skip them without stopping and looking at every cloud. In that way, you train your mind not to judge but thin, observe, and live in the here and now.


One thing that distinguishes any living creature is feeling. But what about feeling with consciousness? Knowing that you are feeling and feeling that you are knowing are the basic cores of our humanity.

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Imagine and feel your imagination. You can enhance your feelings by listening to music as well.

Accept everything to you

Energy is the principal core of our existence. We are energy, dissipating it and will return to it.

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To accept everything as it is, and receive to you according to your choice, you should embrace the unknown. To be certain is to keep away from observing. And to observe is to be like a child who embraces not knowing everything, yet chooses going forward.

Read everything you see

As we have mentioned before, observing comes or can be done in many forms. And reading is one of them.

Reading Enhances the ability to observe with your eyes. And a technique to increase your focus as well. One technique of reading everything and also focusing is to read fast and keep in mind every single word you have read as you are reading.

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What is life without memorizing? What will life be like if we keep forgetting everything, the good and bad events? I think it will be somehow very hard and sad.

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This is the reason why you should enhance your memorization. To be able to enjoy life and simply observe. You can memorize roads, things, old documents, paragraphs, songs, speeches, or even this article, which will honor me, of course, if you do such a thing. So as long as you breathe, learn techniques to memorize and observe.


You can do observing with all your senses, as we mentioned before. It is an art and science that you should get used to.

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To enhance it further, you should also do it while disconnecting each part of your senses on each set of the same exercise, like closing your eyes and observing with your ears. So practice these above techniques daily and be safe until the next article, my fellow warrior friends.


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