The Top First Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

We have discussed the meaning of stress and different techniques for overcoming it in the previous articles.

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Let’s now dive deep into each technique in each specific article. And this article will be about the first technique which is acknowledgement.

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Acknowledgment Techniques

1.  Talking To Yourself.

2.  Asking A Closed Person.

3.  Writing Things Down.

4.  Asking The Right Questions.

5.  Analyzing.


Talking To Yourself

Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself these exact questions:


1- Who am I really?

2- What do I really feel?

3- Am I happy? Why?

4- What is the message the stress is trying to send me?

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You can do that in any way necessary. Either by watching yourself in front of the mirror and recording yourself while talking or by writing your thoughts down. We are all energy and energy does not dissipate or fade, but it just transforms. Sometimes energy tries to send you a message through stress.


Asking A Close Person

We are not only what we see, but also how others see us. But of course, only the close ones to you. We can easily be deceived if we absorb our identity from everyone. So next time you feel stressed, go and ask for help from your favorite person on both sides.


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Writing Things Down

Well, writing is my favorite attitude. And that’s why I am writing these articles right now. Of course, not only for that reason but for also benefiting others. You have to find a reason to be committed to writing down the things that stress you.

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Asking The Right Questions

In my opinion, there is no such thing as right or wrong. Everything is relative. There are, of course, some exceptions. One of them is to ask yourself the right questions to put your hands on the cause of your stress. You can acquire this skill by putting the W-questions before anything like;

·     What makes you stressed?

·     Why you are stressed?

·     When you are stressed?

But to make it harder, ask these three questions;

·     What are the things that trigger your stress?

·     What destroys your enjoyment when you are happy?

·     What are the thoughts that make you stressed?

Play with these questions and every parameter in it.

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The art of analyzing is a skill every human being must have. Cause it is a core thing that distinguishes the existence of our brain in the first place. How we analyze things explains our mindset and our type of suffering. The more smart your analysis is, the more happiness you will have.

You can do that by reading books on how to analyze books, and mystery books, solving puzzles or riddles, or even learning new skills such as data analysis and how to think and how to analyze.

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These above techniques, if done correctly, you will have the acknowledgment technique mastered in its core concept. Be Safe and stay alert, my warrior friends. Until then.

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