The Top Second Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

Graces come in many forms. One of its forms is stress or valuing hard times, for hard times lead to a better you.

As we mentioned before in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

You can check them here:





Also, we dived deep into the first technique in a specific article. And this article will be about the second technique which is journaling. You can check the first technique article here:

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Journaling Techniques

1. Break your thoughts down into pieces.

2. Ask helping questions.

3. Do a thoughts table.

4. Observing.

5. Journaling in multiple forms.

Break your thoughts down into pieces

The massiveness of its quantity makes journaling very hard to do at the beginning. Break it down into small thoughts and then into small emotions. That breaking would help you a lot in organizing your thoughts. For example, it can be something like that:

  • Today I met an old friend.

  • I felt happy by the way he greeted me.

  • After greeting me, we talked about many things we used to do.

  • I felt lucky.

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In that way, you have broken down massive thoughts into thoughts and emotions in an organized way.

Ask helping questions

Asking the right question at the right time will help you in your journaling journey. It helped me and it should help you. The question now is: how to ask the right question?

To answer that question, you ask yourself first about:

" What do you need to answer? ".

For example:

The first answer: I need to write my thoughts down.

You're asking the question: What do I need to start right now? Or what I should write?

The second answer: Aha, I should start by illustrating my day's events.

You're asking the question: What happened today?

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That continues. The answer to the previous question helps you in the next question. And as it goes, you illustrate how you feel in only one word.

Do thoughts table

The thoughts table is a critical thing to anything related to emotions and thoughts. That includes stress, anxiety, and other mental issues. It should include not only thoughts, emotions, and their degree, replaceable thoughts, and emotions, but other topics like the worst-case scenario and the best-case scenario.

It looks like this:

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To believe in its effectiveness, understand how and why it works. First, it works by identifying the root cause of a belief that leads to a specific emotion, like anger or fear. The years of dedicating your time to filling the journaling or thoughts table daily will identify the root cause of your sufferings. You can do it only in one year or two years max. It only depends on time, the person writing them, and also the roughness of your cause of suffering. This explains why it works and somehow how it works.


To enhance your journaling writing, you ought to learn to observe. The latter is the root cause of any success, even in our mere continuous existence up to today.

Learn to observe the surroundings, your body, your emotions, and even how you feel when you are journaling. Learn to feel the observation itself.

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Journaling in multiple forms

It comes in many forms, and there is beauty in that. It does not ought only to journal to do it. You can do it in its forms as well. That forms resemble any movement or action that involves a dynamic release of emotions necessary like:

  • Talking

  • Writing itself

  • Crying

  • Breathing

  • Dancing

  • Walking

  • Jumping

  • Exercising

  • Motivating

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The journaling techniques are improving daily. You just have to listen, apply, and also innovate your ways as well. That's it, my fellow warrior friends. Until we meet again, be safe.

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