The Top Seventh Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

With high stress comes a high form of letting go. Stress makes you an inventor who can master the art of creating techniques of your own.

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As we mentioned before in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

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Also, we dived deep into the first six techniques in each specific article. This article will be about the seventh technique, which is the “letting go” mindset. You can check the first six techniques articles here:

Letting Go Mindset

1. Imagination

2. Believing

3. Starting Small


We discussed before about imagination in the “Listening to Music” technique, yet you can use it in almost any technique.

Imagination makes us bear life in its harsh moments. The urge to escape from reality usefully is through it.

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We hate what we don’t understand or know as humans. Yet here we will dive deep into one of the most useful examples of imagination. Imagine anything in your mind and let it disappear from your mind. This could be clouds, for example, or anything you want. If it will be the clouds. Then visualize it as it is standing in front of you blocking your sight and you simply scroll in any direction to move it away. This technique also applies to any negative emotions, person, or thing that hurts you. You just visualize them in their exact forms or replace them with anything and then scroll away from them.


One way to visualize or do the above technique correctly is through believing. Believing that you can let go of it. You are what you believe. The good news is you can change what you believe by starting from small things up to the harder ones.

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You may do that by standing in front of the mirror, looking into your eyes, and saying some affirmations. One of these affirmations is, “I believe in myself that I can let go now and in my future life. For I am strong and unique”.

Starting Small

Everything starts small, and then it grows. That does not mean starting from zero point. You can do such a technique with physical things or mental ones. The physical thing is like stopping the addiction to a specific behavior. Control your urge to drink your favorite drink in the morning. This makes you the master and controller of your life. And as they say, nothing shall have control over us.

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The art of letting go is a unique technique for overcoming stress. Because it has many methodologies and techniques that you can create by yourself. Understanding these methodologies lets you master the inventing of your techniques. See you in the next articles and until then be safe, my fellow warrior friends.

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