The Top Eighth Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

With high stress comes a greater awareness. Stress may open your third eye.

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As we mentioned before in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

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Also, we dived deep into the first seven techniques in each specific article. This article will be about the eighth technique, which is understanding emotions and behaviors. You can check the first seven techniques articles here:

Emotions and Behaviors

1. Proof

2. Emotions

3. Habits

4. Behaviors


You should first acknowledge the proof of why emotions affect our behaviors to understand how we gain new habits and maintain old ones.

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Scientists have researched two sets of people; they ask the first group to adopt new illogical ideas as their own and the other one to adapt the same ideas but after they relate these to an emotional subject. The result shows that the first group had difficulty adopting these ideas and nearly rejected them. Yet the other group adopts the ideas as they are their own.

Emotions relate to behaviors as they are the key and the reason for what we do.


They are the key to control our life. Emotions trigger our deeds. Like two wolves, one that can’t control itself because it has not learned how to behave from the beginning and the other one can control its emotions because it learned to first acknowledge, respect, understand, name any emotion, and then change each if it needs to change.

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You can do them through the thoughts table, as we have discussed before in a previous article. The second thing is to do the Six Basics Emotions book. For example, write a book down, showing the things that make or made you happy. This is called “The Happiness Book”


To gain any habit, you should first understand how to acquire any of it and with which tools.

We have discussed above that habits are like the baby that we attract if we show love, care, or smile at it. If we attach habits to a positive emotion, like happiness or love.

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You can do that by starting with small habits and then going big. You learn to walk with single small steps and repeat it every day. That’s why we easily remember the things we memorize, if we memorize them in a short amount, repeat them at intervals, and shorten the distance between our memorization and the first revision.


They are the keys that describe and define our personality and future. The roots of our behaviors are emotions and the roots of the latter are thoughts, so changing the seeds will change the future.

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You can change any behavior either by replacing your inappropriate thought with an appropriate one or by imagining yourself the way you want to be.


Understanding your emotions and behaviors will build your psychological self, the way you will be proud of.

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As explained before, thoughts lead to emotions, and emotions to behaviors. Thus, it is not a straight-line equation, but a circular one. See you in the next articles and until then be safe, my fellow warrior friends.


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