The Top Tenth Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

With high stress comes a higher responsibility to break from an old, un useful mindset and start being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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As mentioned in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

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Also, we dived deep into the first nine techniques in each specific article. This article will be about the tenth technique, changing your mindset. You can check the first nine techniques articles here:

Changing your Mindset

1. Ideas

2. Mind

3. Different Mindsets


Your flexibility in accepting new ideas determines the flexibility of your mindset. Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable with new things. The one who always seeks growth exposes himself to the unknown.

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By various means, you can accomplish that. You can try a new road while driving. You can travel to unknown places for you. Do things you have never thought of doing like talking to strangers and showing kindness. Anything that gives you the aches and the fear of doing it is the thing you should break. There is no other time than now to do so.


Our brain is an extraordinary organ. But what makes a mind different from the other minds is what you feed it with and how you feed it. If you keep feeding it with nonsense or gossip or anything else, your acts will do like how you feed it.

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Next time, choose wisely what you allow to enter your senses, your ears, and your eyes. The gate to our soul and heart is through our ears and eyes.

Different Mindsets

Learn to see and observe new mindsets or normal ones of everyone around you and adopt the favorite ones to your heart. The moment you stop comparing your mindset and others is the moment you break free from judging others and allow yourself to embrace new mindsets as well.

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You can do this by keeping notes on the number of times you judge and that of describing.


Our minds during stress freeze. And the only way out is to push it to feel. The only way to do that is to convince yourself of the benefits of pushing yourself. That way leads to changing your mindset. Train to change your mindset and stay safe till we meet again in the next article, my fellow warrior friends.

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