The Top Ninth Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

With high stress comes a high urge to do mental exercises.

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As mentioned in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

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Also, we dived deep into the first eight techniques in each specific article. This article will be about the ninth technique, Doing Mental Exercises. You can check the first eight techniques articles here:


Doing Mental Exercises

1.  Invent your exercise

2.  Dot Game

3.  Train Game Lumosity

4.  Games

5.  Brain Games

6.  Books


Invent your exercise

Have you heard before about the art of reverse thinking or reverse engineering? It is the art of recalling past events to recreate that specific thing in the future.


It takes both an analyzer and an observer to do that. The latter is to observe every detail without human interference or judgements and the former for estimating the reasons for the observed events and what will happen if scenarios.


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You should first learn the games and the rules of the games and abide by them to add them to your mind. That’s how every field works. Have a look at martial arts. For example, you can’t be called a martial artist and fight in an actual fight, if you didn’t first learn the basics, and abide by them with your heart, mind, and body, and only then you invent your way to fight.


Dot Game

One way to increase the mental strength of your mind is through a simple game. Draw a dot on the wall or paper, but keep it vertically standing, and focus on it, allowing anything to not disturb you or distract your thinking as long as you can. The first time is just for a test.


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After that, focus on it for around 2 minutes and increase the duration daily to 3 extra minutes. This sharpens your focus and memory as well.


Train Game on Lumosity

There is a game called Train on the Lumosity App and website, which includes lots of games that enhance your brain in different directions. This game increases your divided attention capability. The divided attention allows you to swap quickly your focus between two things and not even make any wrong decision about it.


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Let me explain the game to understand more. The game starts with a single-colored train moving on the same-colored trails. Your job is to connect and disconnect trails allowing the colored train to enter the tunnel of the same color as well. The divided attention here appears as the game gets harder and the number of colored trains increases. Leaving you and your quick decisions together. Whether you connect all the trains through its trails and make them reach their tunnels will reflect your memory, decision-making, and color-analyzing power.


This game depends on your visual memory, divided attention, and quick decisions.



Whether someone constructs any game for gaming or mental gaming, it always depends on your perspective on it and how you will use any game for your benefit.

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You can use, for example, a focus exercise that tennis coaches use for their players and enhance it to make a new game of yours that can increase your focus as well.

Brain Games

Anything that includes training of your muscles in the brain will surely make your brain strong, perform better, and even memorize and remember faster.


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These games could be any brain games, Soduko, Puzzles, Math calculations, Philosophical questions, and even Riddles. Analyzing any game or playing it daily will make your brain muscles more youthful.



Books are a great way to learn, explore, strengthen, adapt, and invent, respectively. Mysteries books and any book that involves the art of solving crimes are must-have books in your library.

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They teach you how to observe, think, and analyze anything in your life wherever you are. These books can be Sherlock Holmes, Lupin, or even Agatha Christie books.



Your Mental strength reflects how you are progressing in overcoming stress. Doing mental exercises enhances the way you use your mind to deal with stress. Practice carefully and stay safe till we meet again in the next article, my fellow warrior friends.


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