The Top Third Thing You Should Do To Overcome Stress

Stress is like a mud hole that will get bigger if you keep holding onto it. The moment you leave its grip is the moment you become free.

As we mentioned before in the previous articles, there are many techniques for overcoming stress.

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Also, we dived deep into the first and the second techniques in each specific article. This article will be about the third technique which is breathing. You can check the first and the second technique articles here:

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Breathing Techniques

1. Yoga

2. Meditation Practicing

3. Whisky Breathing

4. Music Listening

5. Guided Meditation


It is a multi-function and multi-purpose serving exercise. Or we can say a lifestyle. It involves many things like flexibility, strength, breathing, meditation at its core, and also many more. What does yoga do to be a stress-overcoming technique? Well, that is a good question indeed.

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To answer that, we should understand the stress and yoga itself. According to the scientific approach, anything that indulges movement in its practice will diffuse your thinking and your body away from stress. Yet Yoga is a distinct thing, besides it is full of body movements. One of these things is its combination of multiple steps in its practice, as we have said in the technique’s above first line.

Meditation Practicing

It can come in many forms, not only while settlement but also while movement, as we mentioned in yoga above. The other forms are observing, walking, dancing and even breathing. If we examine meditation in its core definition. We shall find that it is a practice of mindfulness and focusing on a particular activity, object, or thought to train your mind in the art of attention and awareness. You can do that easily by indulging in these practices.

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Whisky Breathing

As it appears from its name, the whisky breathing helps you relax. It is a proven technique, and it‘s done by breathing through your nose with 3 seconds inhaling and 8 seconds exhaling and double the amount of air entered into your body throughout your stomach.

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Music Listening

Listening to someone you love can be calming. Science has proved in previous years that listening to music acts as a stress reliever. You can not only listen to a favorite music and find a relation from it to you, but you can also feel everything while listening like the relation, the beats, the imagination, the air, and how the beats touch your head and ears.

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Guided Meditation

Everything that is organized, constructed, science-proven, and guided can help you achieve this exact thing for long-term success. Guided meditation plays an important role in meditation success. You can do any exercise, but you cannot do any exercise correctly unless an instructor guides you or we can say by a recorded voice from your instructor.

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All the above techniques are forms of breathing. Or we can say breathing of your life into existence. These techniques of breathing are updated daily and there are also methods of practicing breathing itself and there are many courses out there. Maybe we will have an article about them in the future. For now, and until the next article, stay safe, my fellow warrior friends.

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